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  1. Dear Sir, your “Homemade Timer Switch using PIC 12F629” is very nice! I made it and it’s working as you said. But I need this to repeat automatically. For example if I set the timer for 30 min and start it, then it will turn off after 30 min and will automatically turn on after 30 min. Or if I could set the on time and off time(Also auto repeating) that would be great. Can you modify the code for me please. Thank you! – Pavel

    • Good to see this is useful. Indeed Your full requirement can be addressed modifying the program, but that need changing the code and design a lot. If you just need ON time to be same as OFF time, it can be easily done changing the PerSecond() function to toggle the state of the relay in each elapse of gi_TimerDuration amount of seconds.
      We would like to see pictures of your switch.

  2. Thank you! I’ve already modified the code for repeating and it’s working! Though I’m not that good at PIC programming, even not at C programming. I’ve uploaded some photos of my switch(visit the following fb link). And again I want to thank you.

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