Homemade Wood Turning Lathe


The gear box and the motor. Received from a friend. The gear box has been used in a petrol pump which has a ratio of about 5:1. The motor was taken from a water pump. It is a 0.5 hp motor with no load speed of 2800 rpm.


The base is made of 1″x1″x3mm steel L-angles whose foot print is about 3’x1′.


A 1″ piece of 0.5″ diameter thread bar is used to mount the spur center.


Poor man’s spur center crafted from a nut.

6 58 7


Tail stock is also made of L-angles. Dead center is a pointed piece of 0.5″ thread bar.

10 11 12


Lathe has the maximum useful volume of about 2′ long x 6″ radius.

14 15 16


Ok. First coupler failed. It is a piece of rubber hose. Time to find a proper shaft coupler.



Is this a universal joint ? but works for me (with a little noise of course).

4 5 6



7 Hollowing is by hand. Drilling lots of holes and a chisel to remove the rest.

8 9 10

2 1

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